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Grid Electronics Pty Ltd is proud to be associated with all the major motor manufacturers as an "OE" (Original Equipment) supplier, and is committed to supplying quality automotive sound and accessories that are non-intrusive, and can be fully integrated with your vehicles electronics.

Grid Electronics Pty Ltd was established in 1989 and in the past 29 years we have grown into one of the most well-known suppliers to the Motor Industry on OEM level, We are proud to be associated with major motor manufacturers. We actively participate in aftermarket sales and distribution.  The Director, Mr Courtenay Mather continues to push through all barriers to lead the way with innovative audio and security products for the Motor Industry to make our South African nation the top sound moguls of the world.

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We at Grid Electronics aim to supply the automotive industry with excellent quality, value for money, saleable products backed up by our superior after sales service.


We will strive to provide unique service and support to our OEM base in developing and sustaining a competitive edge in our industry. This will be achieved by our highly focused, disciplined and professional approach to everything that we undertake.


We are proud to be associated with all the major motor manufacturers. We actively participate in their aftermarket "Approved Parts and Accessory Divisions" and have won awards and certificates of merit from ISUZU,General Motors,Toyota, Nissan, and Ford.

These prestigious awards and certificates have been in recognition of achieving excellent performance for outstanding supply rate, product quality and support services. GRID ELECTRONICS is ISO9001 (2015 version) NQA certified and approved.

GRID ELECTRONICS is the exclusive distributor and partner for Clarion Japan in Southern Africa.

We operate throughout the country Durban, Port Elizabeth, and our Head Office in Johannesburg. We have recently opened a warehouse and BKD assembly factory in Port Elizabeth. Here we assemble our radios along with some locally manufactured parts for our line fit (OE) business with Isuzu and Nissan .We are proud of the fact that we are the only vehicle infotainment and accessory supplier that has fully operational branches offering in-house technical back-up warranty repairs and after sales service and deliveries.